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We are John B. (JB) & Glania Trimble.  We are located in Seminole, Oklahoma.  We have been breeding and raising registered fullbloods & show stock since 2001.
Our daughter, Secily & son-in-law, Kurtis & our granddaughters Awbrey & Awstyn are a blessing to us and we couldn't do all this without their help.  Our son, Seth and daughter-in-law, Madison are another blessing to us and help us tremendously.  We love raising & showing goats when we are not working.  

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TGF4 Four T's Homey The Klown
TGF4 Four T's Fiddleback

Herd Sires here at 4T's

"Spartan" RIP
Call, e-mail or Facebook message us to learn more about our breeding and services.  Thank you for visiting our website.  We welcome you to call or come by our farm.

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In Loving Memory of our "Pa Donald".  He was a soldier of God & a true American Hero, serving in WWII & earning numerous awards & medals, even the Silver Star.  He was a part of the invasion of Normandy & 4 other major battles.  
He introduced us to the first South African Boer Buck many years ago.  We had never laid eyes on such a beautiful animal.  He loved his goats & would spend hours just sitting and watching them.  He leaves us with much wisdom about life in general & the goats.  
His guardian dogs were phenomenal.  We have had several of these guardians.  "Spartan" & his son "Conan" come from Pa's dog breedings.  His foundation male was "Lobo." 
He loved red goats & gave us one as a gift one Christmas.  He & my grandmother drove about 35 miles to our house & honked the horn when they arrived.  When we went outside to see what was wrong----there sat Pa in the backseat of the CAR holding a red doe!!! He said "Merry Christmas"!!!
As he was in his final days---he had a vision of a beautiful herd of red goats in a field with pure crystal water, thus comes the name of our only red doe, "Pa's Vision" & now her solid red doe, "Vision Of An Angel."
We lost Pa's Vision & know that she is in heaven with Pa & he is taking great care of her there. 
We love you Pa & you are truly missed!!
Four T's Pa's Vision
ABGA #10571115
Sire:  10B2B C Bar C's Gatlin Gun *Ennobled*
Dam:  PLAY Footloose

This little doe was named in Pa's honor.   We know she would have been a favorite of Pa's.  

Seth won his first  National Junior American Boer Goat Association buckle in Grand Island, NE 2014 
for his Bred & Owned 
12-16 month buck TGF4 Four T's Spider Man!!  
We offer show grooming for your show goats! Please contact us for availability.

0-3 Month kids $75 includes wash/dry/hair clipping/hooves
0-3 Month kids $50 includes clipping & hooves only (you wash & dry)

Does over 3 months $100 includes wash/dry/hair clipping/hooves
Does over 3 months $75 includes hair clipping & hooves only (you wash & dry)

Bucks over 3 months $125 includes wash/dry/hair clipping/hooves
Bucks over 3 months $100 includes hair clipping & hooves only (you wash & dry)
Premier Breeder at the Oklahoma State Fair 2016!!!
Oklahoma State Fair 2017, 2018 & 2019 Breeder's Herd Winner 
We are hand crafting goat's milk soap & other products!  Check out our new line of skin products on the Goat Milk Soap page.
The guardians here at Four T's:  Poseidon, Athena & Medusa (litter mates)