TGF4 Four T's Whata Man      

TGF4 Four T's Whata Man placed 3rd in a large class of 6-9 month bucks at the Oklahoma State Fair Show 2 --Sept. 2012.  He just turned 6 months old.  
0-3 month bucks 2012 JABGA National Show Duncan, OK
Overall Grand Champion Buck
Coffeyville, KS May 2010 Day 1
Yearling Division Champion Day 2
Past Winning Bucks
TGF4 Four T's Okie Judge
Sire:  10B2B C Bar C's Gatlin Gun *Ennobled*
Dam:  RWH Selena *Ennobled*
ABGA # 10595156
He & TGF4 Four  T's Spider Man were the "Best Pair of Fullblood Bucks" at the Tulsa State Fair 2013.  Okie Judge was only 5 months old when he won Overall Grand Buck in Sedalia, MO out of a large buck class.
TGF4 Four T's Mr. Freeze
Sire:  RHBG1 BJ's Tyrant
Dam:  TGF4 Gatlin's Painted Booty *Ennobled*
ABGA #10637647

RHBG1 BJ's Tyrant
TGF4 Four T's Krusty the Klown
Sire:  SLKY Jester *Ennobled*
Dam:  RWH Selena *Ennobled* 
ABGA # 10653268

JDCF Four T's Flame
Flame earned 30 ABGA points in his first show in a 0-3 month class.
  He was class winner & Jr Division Grand in two shows.  
TGF4 Four T's Venom
Sire:  TGF4 Four T's Spider Man *Ennobled*
Dam:  TGF4 Four T's Rump Shaker
TGF4 Four T's Iron Man  
Sire:  TGF4 Four T's Spider Man *Ennobled*
Dam:  TGF4 Four T's Supergirl *Ennobled*
ABGA # 10645189
TGF4 Four T's Wing Man
DOB:  3-26-16
ABGA #10714370
Sire:  TGF4 Four T's Bad Moon Rising
Dam:  TGF4 Four T's Vision of an Angel
He is a TGF4 Four T's Spider Man **Ennobled** grandson

He makes his new home in Bowie, TX at No Dinero Ranch!
Thank you Mark & Stacy Gibson
TGF4 Four T's Wing Man 3-6 months
TGF4 Four T's Deadpool
Sire:  TGF4 Four T's Batman
Dam:  BWY E24