Reference Sires
10B2B C Bar C's Gatlin Gun----Ennobled---- is an Ennobled AK-47 over Ennobled Ruby's Chantilly Lace son.  We used Gatlin in our breeding program & showed him as a yearling.   He is the sire of TGF4 Gatlin's Painted Booty,  TGF4 Gatlin's Moon & TGF4 Four T's Wonder Woman-- who together have earned 257 ABGA points.  These were his first 3 does to be shown.

  "Gatlin" is Ennobled!!! 

10B2B C Bar C's Gatlin Gun **Ennobled**
RRD-10B2B AK-47 **Ennobled**

SLKY Jester *Ennobled*
TGF4 Four T's Spider Man **Ennobled**
See his page for more info.
We ennobled Jester with his first set of offspring.  Sadly, we had to put Jester down due to arthritis in his joints.  He was such a sweet natured buck & produced amazing kids!  RIP Jester
TGF4 Four T's Bad Moon Rising
ABGA # 10567681
Sire:  RHBG1 BJ's Tyrant
Dam:  TGF4 Gatlin's Moon

TGF4 Four T's Krusty The Klown **Ennobled**
ABGA # 10653268
Sire:  SLKY Jester **Ennobled**
Dam:  RWH Selena **Ennobled**

TGF4 Four T's Batman  
ABGA # 10688537
Sire:  SLKY Jester **Ennobled**
Dam:  TGF4 Four T's Wonder Woman **Ennobled**

TGF4 Four T's Word On The Street **Ennobled**
ABGA # 10711772
Sire:  TGF4 Four T's Spider Man **Ennobled**
Dam:  RWH Selena **Ennobled**

DBC7 4JFS Flamethrower  **Ennobled**
ABGA # 10552360
Sire:  10B2B C Bar C's Gatlin Gun **Ennobled**
Dam:  PLAY Footloose

PIMA Ranch's Tuff Son Of A Gun
ABGA # 10739292
Sire:  CSB Ruger Reloaded **Ennobled**
Dam:  PIMA Ranch's Sexy And I Know It

Berry's GH Ladies Man
ABGA # 10711566
Sire:  RRD Berry's GH "Optimus" **Ennobled**
Dam:  BROS Broken S Smokin Pretty Lady **Ennobled**