American Dairy Goat Association LaManchas
Registered ADGA Sires:  

Just Because G Falix  "Sampson"  ADGA # AL1767024  

Valhalla Hearth Abraham  ADGA # L2024561 

Registered ADGA Dams:  

Just Because FMF Holiday "Hollie"  ADGA # AL1804968  

Valhalla Hearth Sarah Sue  ADGA # L2024560 

Outback Acres Pearl Drop   ADGA # L2066744

Outback Acres Rainy Night   ADGA # L2029838

Food4thought Bubblegum    ADGA # L2066743

The Four T's Gertie ADGA # L2077586

The Four T's Cookie ADGA # AL2077579
Commercial LaMancha Dams:  

Ruby & Judy
We will be delivering our first fullblood ADGA registered LaMancha kid crop starting in 
February 2020!